Representative Award – For First or Senior team members who compete in regular inter-school fixtures/tournaments or championships.

Eligibility for a representative award.

Senior team members must be involved in a structured training programme that leads to competition in BOPSS champs plus either regional, Super 8 or NZSS sanctioned events and should have achieved the criteria listed below.


  1. Played at least 75% of inter-school games (Full reserves count)
  1. Attended 75% of inter-school tournaments where only tournaments/championships occur
  1. Fulfilled the coach’s requirements regarding attendance, at practice, team spirit and general behaviours
  1. In special cases where the individual has been injured and therefore unable to complete 75% of games
  1. A pupil should not be excluded from eligibility due to selection in a representative team or participation at a higher level


The Representative Award will be recognised by the award of a certificate at the annual Sports’ Award dinner.  This certificate will be awarded by the coach of the team.  The recipient will be eligible to wear a sports badge naming the sport with the year of the sport attached.  These are to be purchased from the office.

The Colour Award – For outstanding performance amounting to excellence throughout the sports interschool season. (see requisite guidelines attached)

Eligibility for a colour award.

  1. The recipient must have satisfied the requirements for a representative award in the sport
  1. The award is for excellence throughout the season by the individual regardless of the success of the team
  1. Performance must be at interschool level
  1. A pupil should not be excluded from eligibility due to a selection in a representative team or participation at a higher level


The Colour Award will consist of a Discobolus badge to be worn on the lapel and a certificate to be presented in front of the guests at the annual Sports’ Awards dinner.


  1. Coaches of senior / first teams provide written nominations at the end of the sport’s season for representative and colour awards
  1. These nominations are collated by the Assistant Principal Titans sport.
  1. These nominations are presented in person by the coach at a meeting of the Colours Committee.  The coach is able to participate in the discussion but not eligible to vote.
  1. The colours committee shall consist of:

The Principal (Chairman) or Proxy

Assistant Principal Titans Sport (Secretary)

Plus two staff members appointed each year by the Assistant Principal Titans Sport and Principal 

  1. The decision to award representative/colour awards rests finally with the Colours  Committee
  1. Only in sports in which there is no age grading may boys other than senior or first team players be considered for representative awards
  1. The Colours Committee, provided they are unanimous, have the right to award a colour to those who would otherwise not qualify