Clay Target Shooting


COMPETITION:  March to October. Competitions are once a month regionally and nationally. 
Inter school shoots, Super 8, NISS and NZSS championships

  This happens every week, usually Wednesdays, at BOPCTA club, TECT Park, Pyes Pa. Parents are expected to transport their son to and from practice. We have been car pooling in the past to ensure all boys can make practice. A $5 contribution to the driver  is expected from each boy who needs to get a ride with someone else.

TRANSPORT:  Transport to competitions is by school van or bus. The first 2 teams will travel on the bus.  Because of the large number of boys going to competitions we will need parent support to provide additional transport. This will help keep costs low.

 We compete in Navy trousers, school uniform tops worn underneath a shooting vest.

EQUIPMENT:  The Bay of Plenty Clay Target Association (BOPCTA) owns 10 guns the students can use. Any associated costs to clean, maintain and repair the guns are part of the sports fee structure. You buy the ammunition on the day of the shoot.

Team members are required to wear their own approved hearing protection. Wearing shooting glasses is not compulsory but advisable.

$50.00 Registration fee.
This is for all those who enrol for the first shoot trial to be held in mid February 2018. This cost covers safety training, transport, ammunition and gun use for the trial. 
There is a limited number of new shooters we can accept into the team in 2018. 

Annual team fee for those who own their own gun: $140.00
Annual team fee for those who will use club guns:   $220.00
Annual Titans Sport fee: $ 30.00
This is for those that have been selected.

Practice is a minimum of $18.50 each per week and inter school shoots (8 per season) are around $60 on a user pays basis.

There will be additional costs for BOPCTA - $25.00, and NZCTA - $ 35.00 club memberships and associated 
costs to attend tournaments. 

The boys will also be given a shooting vest that is to be worn during competitions and for shooting practice. There is a bond of 
$50.00 for the vests which will be refunded upon safe return of the vest at the end of the season. This bond is payable directly to the BOPCTA.
Club shoots or inter school competitions are usually held on the 3rd Thursday of the month from March to September. Students will travel by school van/bus or in parents' vehicles as outlined above.