TEACHER IN CHARGE: Mr Keith Crawford

COMPETITION:   Start of Term 2- two teams of four players compete in the Western BOPSS leg of the BOPSS competition, Super 8 competition for the top four players and the BOPSS competition.

Terms 2 and 3 – Senior/Team members on Tuesday after school (3.30pm to 4.30pm). Junior on Mondays at lunchtime.

Training in the school GYM.

UNIFORM: School P.E. uniform for training. Playing uniforms and tracksuits are available for competitions.

Shuttles provided by the school. Boys need their own racquet, but the club has some to lend to students.

 $35 registration fee 

For two terms covers additional equipment costs and coaching. Competition entry, transportation and accommodation are additional.

The TBC Badminton Club is gearing up for a dynamic run through Term Two and Term Three. Our venue of choice is the esteemed Robert Mangan Gymnasium, where the action unfolds every Tuesday during post-school hours, precisely from 3:30 pm to 4:50 pm. While it's ideal for you to bring along your personal badminton racquet, worry not if you're without one – we've got a limited number earmarked for borrowing.

To set the stage right, we kindly request that you don athletic sports attire instead of your school uniform. This simple prerequisite ensures your comfort and unrestricted movement during play. As for fees, a reasonable annual sum of $35 will grant you full access to the club's activities. However, remember that prior payment of the Titan fee is obligatory before diving into the badminton action. Get ready to serve, smash, and soar with us!

Join using the link:

Mr Keith Crawford.