Tauranga Boys’ College has a proud history of sailing and an enviable record of old boys in the top echelons of sailing, including Olympians, world champions and of course the America’s Cup. These men all started out sailing at Tauranga Yacht & Power Boat Club at Sulphur Point - the hub of dinghy sailing in the Tauranga area.

TBC has a sailing team competing in the 420 class. This is a highly competitive fleet that races during the summer months in a match racing format. There are three major regattas; BOP regatta, Central North Islands and then Nationals. There is also the opportunity to participate internationally if selected. 

Requirements to join the team

The 420 is a highly technical boat and requires significant sailing skills, therefore the team members are required to have completed a level 3 sailing certification and some racing in dinghy classes. A team consists of 3 boats and each boat has a helmsman who steers and a crew who balances the boat and manages the headsail and centreboard. 

Starting out sailing

If you are new to sailing and would like to start out, then the Tauranga Yacht and Power Boat Club is the place to go. You can do the level 1 course over a few days during the school holidays or during term in the afternoons. Once you have completed that you qualify for level 2/3 where you start racing coaching. This course is also done over a few days so you can progress very quickly from novice to level 3 at which point you will be able to join the sailing team.

Enquiries to:  Kerry Shaw. [email protected]