Moto Cross

Tauranga Boys’ College Motocross

Welcome to the Tauranga boys motocross team, when joining the team and participating at school events around the country all members are required to show respect to their follow competitors and team mate’s and ensure we keep the schools integrity and values at the forefront when representing the school. It is important to understand that when competing for the school we are competing as a team for overall results and individual's results.


To be a member of the team you must be confident and have participated in motocross events at your local clubs at any level from novice through to competitive level.


We intend to represent the school at a minimum of four motocross rounds this year, Rotorua schools motocross, Tauranga boys school motocross, Trident high school Moto x, Hauraki Plains motocross. We are also looking at an overnight venue outside of the district and (National secondary schools event where possible)

Race meet dates

Rotorua school 16/03/2018

Tauranga schools 6/04/2018

Trident schools 17/08/2018

Hauraki schools 20/10/2018


  • There is a $35 administration fee to be a member of the team, this goes towards trophies and barbecues throughout the year and will be charged to your son's account.
  • We supply our team riding gear (Fox pants and top with sponsors logo on it) for events the school and will be representing and this will be handed out at the beginning of the year and is only to be used at TBC team events (no exceptions), as you can appreciate we only have a minimum quantities in most sizes and sometimes you will need to go up a size for the day. We do apologise if we do not have the right fit in advance.
  • TBC expects the Tauranga boys motorcycle team to race as a team at all events outlined in the calendar.
  • A legal guardian of your son must attend these events for health and safety reasons on the day, however you can sign over the legal responsibility to another parent that is going to be present on the day and is happy to look after your child under race conditions. This paper work must be filled out in full and sent to the teacher in charge or team manager before travel.
  • There is a compulsory meeting at the beginning of each year and all parents need to attend. This is a good opportunity to ask any questions on the night and to meet current and new members.


There are trophies for the end of the year and some of these are calculated on the individual rider points that he has finished overall at the meetings we have attend, other trophies are awarded by the committee this is made up from the (team captain, the teacher involved and team manager.) Riders must compete and 66.6% of the events laid out to qualify for trophies.

  • Trent Hayward Memorial Trophy for the senior Rider of the year (accumulated points)
  • Jr Rider of the year (accumulated points)
  • Sportsman (committee)
  • Rookie (committee)
  • most improved (committee)
  • Hard luck (committee)