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Welcome to cricket at Tauranga Boys’ College!

Tauranga Boys’ College Cricket aims to offer all students the opportunity to play cricket at a level that they will enjoy and/or that will challenge them. Tauranga Boys’ College has a history of excellent performance at 1st XI level. Our team placed 3rd in the New Zealand Secondary Schools Gillette Cup in 2017. We last won the Gillette Cup in 2005 (so we’re due for another title soon!) and have placed third on four occasions since then. We have also made the finals of the Super 8 Cricket tournament in four of the past six years. 

Our Junior 1st XI again made it through to the NZCT National Year 9/10 Tournament in Palmerston North to show that we have some fantastic depth across all age groups at school. The season before we were crowned National Champions.

High performance aside, cricket is a great medium for our boys to be physically active, to develop their cricketing ability, to learn social skills from being a part of a team and to develop values such as integrity, commitment and perseverance. It is very important to us that we help to develop ‘good men’ as well as ‘good cricketers’.


The format of cricket for your son will depend on both his ability and/or his preference. So you are aware, there are two divisions of ‘College Grade’ cricket:

College Premier (40 overs, 12.30pm start)

(Years 9/10/11) This is a competitive grade for players of higher level of ability. (As a guideline for our new Year 9 students, this grade is suitable for players who have played Intermediate Prem Gold).

College Reserve (30 overs, 12.30pm start)

(Years 9/10/11) This is for players who are either new to the game or have moderate playing ability. (As a guideline for our new Year 9 students, this grade is suitable for players who have played Intermediate Prem Blue).

Our ‘3rd XI’ and ‘4th XI’ play in the WBOP Senior Men’s ‘B Grade’ competition. Our 2nd XI plays in the WBOP Senior Men’s Reserve Grade Competition and our 1st XI in the BOP Senior Men’s Grade.


We will be holding a muster/training session for all Year 9 players (or NEW Year 10/11 players to the school) on Thursday February 3rd. Please wear your school PE uniform. The muster will include a net session and fielding drills. The session will begin after school at 3.30pm at the nets and will finish by 5pm. There will be a gear bag of equipment available to be used if your son does not have his own. On a Saturday, each College Reserve grade team will have a full gear bag meaning that you do not need to have any ‘cricket specific’ equipment to be able to play cricket at TBC.  

The purpose of the session is to allow us to make immediate contact with the boys to assist us in the organisation of teams. The teams we put together for each grade will be of even ability with the primary focus of spreading ability/skill sets for maximum involvement and subsequent development. NB: In Term 1, all Year 9 players will play College Grade cricket because 3rd/4th XI sides are already half way through their season.

Gear bags can be dropped off in the storage sheds below the staff room, near the school canteen between 8.30-8.35am so the boys don’t have to carry them around school. The shed will then be re-opened up for gear bag collection after school. 


To register to play cricket at TBC please click on this link:

Fees for these grades are as follows and are paid for on a term by term basis. In Term 1 all Year 9 players will wear a blue playing shirt that they will borrow from the school due to the fact that our new sponsorship cycle begins at the end of the season. Brand new shirts will be available to all players for the start of the Term 4 season (to reflect the new shirt and sleeve sponsors). These will be available for purchase at a subsidised rate at the beginning of the Term 4 season. When you indicate your shirt size on the registration form, have in the back of your mind that your son will begin wearing it in 6 months time! (at the start of Term 4)







BOP Fees - $60

Umpires Fees - $10

Match Balls - $30

Equip upkeep - $5



WBOP Fees - $60

Match Balls - $30

Equip upkeep - $5



WBOP Fees - $60

Match Balls - $20

Equip upkeep - $10



WBOP Fees - $30

Match Balls - $30

Equip upkeep - $25



WBOP Fees - $30

Match Balls - $20

Equip upkeep - $20


Once teams have been organised, the fee will be added to your son’s ‘school fees’ for payment.


All College Grade cricket begins Saturday February 12. Teams will be announced ASAP and a training schedule constructed.

Please don’t hesitate to make contact if you have any queries at all.

Ngā  mihi nui

Regan Cross

Master in Charge of Cricket

[email protected]