Year 9 Movement Competency-  All year 9 students who have selected Athlete Development as an option need to be in Gym 1 every Monday 7.30 am-8.15 am for class. 

Year 10 Lifting Competency- All year 10 students who have selected Athlete Development as an option need to be in Gym 1 every Wednesday 7.30 am-8.15 am for class. We anticipate this will stop at the end of term 2 when they gain their lifting license and will begin the 'Copper Programme'

‘Who you are tomorrow begins with how well you train today”


WHAT is Athletic Development?

Athletic Development uses Strength and Conditioning to develop the boys for the rigours of all sports.


 Students in Year 9-10 participate in an extensive Athlete Development Program (ADP) during the option blocks within the normal school timetable and one morning a week before school.  Senior students complete components of ADP during Physical Education Athlete Development classes Level 1-3 as well as scheduled sessions before and after school within a first team environment.

It is taught and monitored by a team of tertiary qualified strength and conditioning staff, physical education/ADP teachers and a wide range of consultants and sport specialists. There is an associated cost of $50 per year.

 ADP is the learning of fundamental movement patterns required for strength and conditioning training based on long term athletic development models. The aim is that after their ADP education all students are capable and proficient to operate in a high performance training environment and for them to be physically prepared for the load in volume and intensity, and competent in all advanced gym movements. The limiting factor in almost all sports is speed, so during ADP we teach full movement skills to promote explosive power development. This is where our platform lifting focus comes into the program. We commence this education with our year 9 and 10 students with a movement competency program based around safety and progressions and progress to the lifting movements with modified equipment with minimal resistance. Correct technique is constantly reinforced and each student athlete is progressed through developmentally appropriate drills for their age and competence.

 We take the time in ADP to ensure that the correct timing, technique, and sequence of exercises are done through Year 9 & 10 and move to more traditional structured lifting programming when at Senior level, when more can be done to further develop the older athletes.

The ADP curriculum is designed to develop key components of fitness that are generally important to student athletes regardless of sport and include strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility/mobility, and aerobic speed. Significantly the ADP curriculum results in long term injury prevention and pre habilitation outcomes. The work that is done means more time in competition rather than rehabilitation from injury.

Completion of this programme allows boys to gain their ‘lifting ticket’ which gives them effectively free gym membership as a senior. It is also a requirement of many of our sporting codes as a selection criteria for ‘first teams’-junior and senior.