Canoe Slalom

Canoe Slalom - Summer Sports - Titans Sports - Tauranga Boys' College


All training is done through Canoe Slalom BOP. They have full time coaches and look after all paddlers in the Bay.  You can contact Mr. Sperling or

Y9 & 10 Novice paddlers starting Kayaking
Training at Waimarino Adventure Park after school from 4-5pm for 2 nights per week per Term.  Contact

For the most up to date nights that coaches are running sessions. Once the paddlers become more confident they move up to training on the Carters slalom site in Judea.

Transport from TBC to Waimarino after school by using school bus or by car pooling. CSBOP sometimes have a van transport service if enough paddlers require it.

Y9-13 Existing Team Members
Kaituna and Tarawera River’s for more advanced paddlers, plus other rivers 
around the North Island. Morning training is at Waimarino or at the Carters Building slalom site in Judea. 
Plus training camps, special coaching sessions, senior mentoring, river rescue and 
other social days not included in price.

UNIFORM:  Members of the Kayaking team that attend Secondary Schools competitions will 
be issued with a Titans tracksuit. 

EQUIPMENT:  Y9 & 10 Novice paddlers starting in the sport 
All kayaking gear is provided at the beginner level for the Waimarino training. 
Personal gear required is togs and towel plus warm clothes after any sessions.

Y9-13 Existing Team Members
Own gear and boats required or hire from school. Some boats such as C1 and C2 
are supplied by the school.

Tauranga Boys College Titans Kayaking Administration Fee $20 for all paddlers.
This covers school administration, maintenance of boats and storage costs of our equipment and travel expenses for the teacher in charge to get to some of the training sessions.

Coaching Fees

Current costs are around $15.50 for 1-3 sessions a week, $7.75 for any extra sessions. Rolling is separate and charged at $10 per session. These can change. See Canoe Slalom BOP for the most up to date costs.

These are invoiced on a term-by-term bases directly by Canoe Slalom BOP.