Moto Cross


COMPETITION: A minimum of four motocross rounds this year, Rotorua schools motocross, Tauranga boys school motocross, Trident high school Moto x, Hauraki Plains motocross. We are also looking at an overnight venue outside of the district and (National secondary schools event where possible)

Race meet dates

Rotorua school 16/03/2018

Tauranga schools 6/04/2018

Trident schools 17/08/2018

Hauraki schools 20/10/2018

TRAINING:  We intend to run training for riders. Cost and venues dependent on the number of riders attending

VENUES:  A range of Motocross tracks from Thames to Whakatane and possibly further.

UNIFORM:  We supply our team riding gear (Fox pants and top with sponsors logo on it) for events the school and will be representing and this will be handed out at the beginning of the year and is only to be used at TBC team events (no exceptions), as you can appreciate we only have a minimum quantities in most sizes and sometimes you will need to go up a size for the day. We do apologise if we do not have the right fit in advance.

EQUIPMENT:  Provided by the rider. Riders meet the safety standards of MNZ

COSTS:  $35 registration fee

This goes towards trophies and barbecues throughout the year and will be charged to your son's account.