Tanya Williams [email protected] 

Kieran McGirr  [email protected]


All training is done through Tauranga Rowing Club at Memorial Park, walking distance from school.


The rowing season starts in September and goes through to March/April the following year.

Novice rowers starting Rowing: -

Training will begin in Term 1 with learning to row a couple of afternoons after school. Winter training may involve one on-water and a couple of off-water sessions, depending on your commitment to winter sports. 

On-water training sessions usually last around 2 hours. 

Experienced rowers and existing team members

Training ramps up in Term 4 and continues through the holidays into Term 1. You will be training at least five times per week, whether on or off water.

Training Camps

During the school holidays Tauranga Rowing Club run a camp at Mangakino from the 2nd to the 8th of January.


Members of the Rowing team that attend secondary schools competitions will be issued with a Titans tracksuit and team top. You will need to purchase a rowsuit and racing cap as well as some additional items at times.


You will have all equipment provided at your training sessions, but you will just be responsible for bringing a drink bottle, socks and a themal layer for winter training.


The Rowing Club usually offers the first four lessons for free. 

The Tauranga Rowing Club fees are $1,850 per year which includes all regatta fees for club events, some transport, boat and shed maintenance and the 7-day camp.

TBC Rowing fees differ depending on whether we travel to Lake Karapiro or Lake Ruataniwha in the South Island for the NZ Secondary Schools regatta (Maadi Cup). Fees usually range between $500 and $2500 dollars but we actively seek sponsorship and try to provide work opportunities.



Aon Junior Regatta: 25-26 February, Lake Karapiro

North Island Secondary Schools: 10-12 March, Lake Karapiro

NZ Secondary Schools Maadi Cup: 27 March - 1 April, Lake Karapiro


Students that are interested in Rowing, either email us or meet with Mrs Williams in R23 or Mr McGirr in the Science Block. Listen for meeting times in school notices.

Tanya Williams.  [email protected]