NZSS Beach Volleyball Championships

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2nd place in the Junior event

TBC entered three teams in both the senior and junior boys’ competition. Our top seeds in the senior competition were Hoani Lawrence and Sam Henderson. The boys completed pool play without a loss and convincingly won their quarter final. In the semi final they came up against the first seeds and, in what was an epic 3-set battle, went down 13-15. The bronze playoff was pretty much the same story with a 3-set loss.

Congratulations on their 4th place and also to Shi Jie Yong and Jonas Bachmann who made the quarter finals.


In the junior event Sebastian Green and Scott Shipton were our top seeds. They made their way through pool play unbeaten and won both the quarter and semi final in 2 sets. The boys faced a tough encounter in the junior final and fought back well in the 3rd set to eventually lose 13-15.  

 Congratulations boys on their 2nd place in NZ.