In 2018 all boys will have the opportunity to join a Sport programme.

On day 1 of school for each year group there will be a sports muster. The boys will select the
sports they wish to be involved with and collect the sport notice for these. This
notice will provide detail of first meeting times, fees and other general information your son will

During the following week all boys will be expected to pay for their Summer sports registration
and Titans Sports Levy. If this is not done your son will be unable to participate.
There will also be an automatic payment option that once signed will allow your son’s involvement.
(see tear off page at the back of Directory). During week 7 your son will be expected to do the same for his winter sports fees.


The Tauranga Boys College Board of Trustees has set the Sports Levy for 2018 at:
$30.00 for Priority Sports (one off fee for one or more sports). 
Priority Sports are Cricket, Rowing, Volleyball, Tennis, Kayaking, Rugby, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Cross Country, Surfing, Sailing, Squash, Clay Target Shooting, and Golf. 
$10.00 for all other sports (one off fee for one or more).

This fee goes directly to fund coaches and managers' apparel, coaches and managers' thank-you
gifts and teacher release time for Teachers-in-charge to complete required administration work.

The Sports Levy and all Sports Fees can be paid via internet banking.
Account Name:  Tauranga Boys' College Board of Trustees
Bank:  Westpac
Account No:  03 0445 0296510 00
Please remember to include your son's name and what the payment is for.


Sports notices are circulated daily in the Daily Information Sheet (DIS). Form teachers read these
out at form time, at assemblies and by Period 1 teachers on days where there is no Form time. You
should also be able to find updates of draws on the Titans Sport homepage. Many Sports have
individual notice boards situated around the school. Draws, training, trial notices and general
sports information is updated through all these mediums.


During the course of the year the school wishes to acknowledge and applaud the sporting
achievements of our boys. This applies equally to all codes whether they are played at TBC or not.
There are many students that have regional and National success in major codes that we are aware
of through our network of coaches and administrators, however there can be times where we are
not informed.

To this end if you are an athlete or know of an athlete that has had regional and/or national
success can you please let us know in the Titans office or by emailing [email protected]


Through out the year we have a number of sports exchanges. At first team level there is the NZ
Super Eight Schools competition for many of our sports. This involves round robin or tournament
based competition against Hamilton BHS, New Plymouth BHS, Gisborne BHS, Napier BHS, Hastings
BHS, Rotorua BHS and Palmerston North BHS.

We also have exchanges summer and winter for first and sometimes second teams against Auckland
Grammar School, St Kentigern College, Westlake Boys’ High School, Kelston Boys High School,
St Paul’s Collegiate and Junior fixtures against Rotorua Boys’ High School and Hamilton Boys’ High

There is an expectation that all students involved in interschool fixtures will billet members of
visiting teams, unless exceptional circumstances prevent this from occurring.


Teams from TBC compete in regional, national and international competition throughout the year.
The NZSS Tournament weeks (19 - 23 March, 3 - 7 September 2018) will see teams travel outside of the BOP area.

Costs can be reduced when parent committees commit to a fundraising regime for the team.
Tauranga Boys’ College will pay a portion of entry fees for any sanctioned BOPSS and NZSSSC
Event for priority sports. Where entry fees are considerable the athletes will be asked to contribute
toward some of the cost.

All tournament costs will be forwarded to you 6 weeks prior. The same policy regarding payment
is applicable for this. Pay or AP before you leave through the school office or you will be unable
to participate.


All Students who play sport for Tauranga Boys’ College must wear the correct uniform for their chosen sport. Some of our junior teams will wear the Tauranga Boys’ College PE uniform. The majority of senior teams, particularly competitive and competitive junior teams will have uniforms provided for them. All first teams have full uniform, gear bag and warm up top provided for them.


Students representing TBC will wear the official school tracksuit if their team has been issued with
one. All tracksuits are loaned on behalf of Tauranga Boys’ College Titans Sport. Each recipient will
sign a contract covering the non-return or damage of the tracksuit and will incur an invoice for
total replacement cost.

The Tauranga Boys’ College Titans Sport tracksuit is not to be worn at school unless the recipient
is involved in an inter school fixture, tournament or tour. Failure to comply with this will mean
removal of the tracksuit and teachers in charge will consider re- issuing it.


The policy of TBC is to provide transport to co-curricular events (where feasible) in order to reduce
cost, maintain safety and increase team spirit. All students are expected to cover costs of transport
and are expected to travel to and from the venue on the transport provided. Where TBC doesn’t
provide transport, parents/caregivers will be coordinated to make this happen.

The policy regarding students driving to local fixtures is quite clear. If the venue is within a 10km
radius of TBC and the student fulfils licence criteria of the Land Transport Safety Requirements,
then they are able to find their own way there. If the venue is further than 10km then under no
circumstances will a student be able to drive to the venue.